Confidence Through the Lens:


Through boudoir, women often find a newfound confidence, realizing that beauty isn't about conforming to standards but embracing their uniqueness.



Looking at the photos from the back of the camera during the shoot, Elena exclaimed, - "Oh my God, Irina, I've been following your boudoir photography, and I always wondered where you find women with such beautiful bump. Wow, I have the same bump as these girls in your photos! That's fantastic!!!!"




Boudoir photoshoots freeze moments in time, preserving your allure and self-confidence as a timeless gift to yourself.





I understand that many of you may be postponing your photoshoot in hopes of losing some extra weight. However, let's collectively focus on an important point: time doesn't stand still, and each day, we grow older. Instead of waiting for the "right moment," why not create unforgettable memories right now?

My expertise lies in helping you find the most flattering poses that highlight your beauty and confidence, regardless of your weight. Photographs can be a powerful means of self-expression and a gift to yourself or your partner.

Don't forget that beauty isn't defined by a specific weight or shape. It's about your uniqueness and how you feel in your own skin. Allow yourself to embrace this confidence and take a step towards creating lasting memories. Together, we can capture your beautiful story and gift you the self-assurance that will serve you for many years to come.




Boudoir photography shows that beauty exists beyond perceived flaws, helping women let go of insecurities and appreciate their bodies as works of art.

Elena Liss


I want to share my emotions from our boudoir photo session with Irina Stelmakh. It's impossible to stay silent!

   I'm not a model by any means, and I have imperfections like any adult woman. But Irina guided my movements so tactfully and gently, suggesting how to pose, making my body look its best! 

   And just a note: I'm 50 years old! I'm a grandmother of two grandchildren! And it's a boudoir photo session!

   The shooting process with Irina is a self-celebration! 

Showing me photos on the back of the camera as we went, she boosted my confidence, and my self-esteem soared to the skies!

  I look like a celebrity in the photos! Like some Hollywood actress! 

  I'm incredibly happy that we had this photo session!  

  It's one of the most vivid and emotional moments of my life! It's not just photos

  It's a step towards reevaluating oneself, towards personal rebranding. 

  I'm truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! 

MiNi Story




1 hour

5 images

2 outfit


This beautiful session is perfect for those seeking a brief but enchanting Boudoir experience. Embrace your inner confidence and let our expert photographer capture your allure. A delightful taste of Boudoir magic that leaves you wanting more.

MiDi Story




1-1.5 hours 

10 images

2-3 outfits


This comprehensive session is designed for those who want to explore different facets of their sensuality. It's the perfect choice for creating a diverse portfolio of stunning Boudoir shots. Embrace your enchantment from multiple angles and cherish these empowering memories forever.

MaXi Story




unlimited time

20 images

5-10 outfits


For those who want a more comprehensive photo session, our Maxi Story package is just right. It's a great option for clients who want to capture a variety of shots, poses and different outfits. Without limiting in time.

I will make it fun and stress-free!

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